New Mr. I. vid (featuring all the homies.)
#Spacecraft #Trilogy #RUNCLT #QCHH

bahwee! back with more flavor.

a youtube playlist collection of past installments of Jello Biafra’s “vlog series” WWJelloD”. 

sulfur is my dude. check this new vid from him & khill (thoughtcriminals) for the track “1945”.  lab illin.


whatever notebook i’m scribbling in at the moment.

new Kelpe joint. fresh-ness.

new Homeboy Sandman. fairly anthemic (or maybe i can just relate).   

bus vs. apc. lawsy.  
(how many missed this?)

new vid for ‘feeling inside’ off the release ‘champagne nightmares’ from paranoid castle (factor & kirby dom).
i don’t promise to update regularly,
but i promise to post the dopeness.

uh-oh! (new busdriver.)

Squarepusher. showin ‘em how its done proper. 

"the flowers never bloomed so brightly. never felt so holly golightly."

"take an axe to the belly of your boat.. and i hope you can swim"


Sketches is a collection of old ass tracks + more recent shit that i decided to put together for yall as a thank you to everybody thats been fucking with me up to this point. As some of you may know, i got this ep called The Gap coming soon that some of you might hate so this is…