OBBA SUPA with that raw. cop it at: http://sichtexot.bandcamp.com/album/obba-supa-for-am

trailer for Landfill Harmonic documentary (coming soon).

Myka 9 & Factor back at it. From their new album “Sovereign Soul” available thru Circle Into Square @ https://www.circleintosquare.com/item/sovereign-soul#.UImTlW_A-l4

Sunspot - Lightyearz - New Ish.

New Mr. I. vid (featuring all the homies.)
#Spacecraft #Trilogy #RUNCLT #QCHH

yup, yup..

put simply: some of the baddest ever. just watch, you’ll see.

heard there may be a follow-up album. or maybe not. doesn’t matter really.i love this one track enough to never need any more. 

still my joint:

when will the ones who need to hear this ever really hear it?
or when they do hear it, will they listen?

if you can find a new way, you can do it today”

man, if you didn’t know, Grouch is dope. i remember buying this CD (“Making Perfect Sense”) at Manifest back in ‘99-00 before i owned a computer. i knew him from his cameos on MJ’s “Black Sands” (also a classic in my book.) after hearing his solo work and seeing that he produced a lot of the tracks as well, he def became a favorite. i’ve found now, almost 12 years later, that i can always go back to his music when i need a little inspiration, a sort of pep talk i suppose.  

noah23 just leaked a track “Sea of the Infinite Wave feat. Myka 9 & Ceschi, from his upcoming CD “fry cook on venus” to be released thru Fake Four Inc. on march 29th. be sure to cop that.

new edison vid “artemis vs. the city”. who else you know that can rock 2 lunchboxes at once while simultaneously triggering the lighting effects thru midi?!? 

dope little Insty/Electro/Hip Hop/Wonky Label featuring releases from artists like Elaquent, Bahwee, Teebs and Mike Gao.